ParachuteChirp! is a family-based early childhood music program for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers of all abilities from birth to five years. Our program focuses on healthy brain development, deepening bonds, and the magic of creative self expression through music, movement, and creative play explorations.

Chirp! offers research-based, music groups which target the developmental needs and milestones so important to your child’s growth and learning. We hand design each and every session with your child in mind. Our sessions are fun, engaging, and nurturing. We value spontaneity, creativity, building relationships, and supporting the unique potential of each of our participants.

Chirp! is designed to nurture bonding and healthy development through engaging music, movement, and creative play explorations.

Chirp! also offers services to preschools, childcare facilities, and private homes. Contact us here for more information and get Chirping!

You can purchase class passes in person or online here.

  • Test Flights – $10 for our first time families.
  • 4 Class Pass – $72
  • 8 Class Pass – $120
  • Returning Drop-in – $20
Classes are led around the city throughout the week. Take a peek at our locations page for more information
Each Chirp! session is led by a Licensed Music Therapist with training and clinical experience in early childhood development and special needs. We are uniquely qualified to provide your child with sensory rich music, play, and movement explorations designed to ignite healthy brain development and nurture your special bond.

Meet your Music Therapist!

Your turnEvery Chirp! experience is an opportunity for your child to explore her world right along with you and the Chirp! community. Our explorations include a wide array of sensory rich music, movement and creative play experiences. Expect to have fun, sing, move, and play along to specially composed music and other sensory-rich experiences.

  • Songs – Specially composed songs to encourage age-appropriate music babble and language development, you and your child will learn songs for fun and function
  • Lap Rides – Playful and sweet, this is a special time for just the two of you to have fun and strengthen your bond
  • Instrument Play – Maracas, guitar, ukulele, drums, bells, tone bars and more to get you and your child playing and shaking along together
  • Movement to Music – Whether you’re dancing to your own beat or following along, our movement explorations are designed to holistically engage the brain and body for growth
  • Sensory rich materials – Interesting sounds, textures, visual aids and movement opportunities designed to ignite healthy brain development
  • Sing a Story Book – Quality stories set to live music to encourage a love for reading and to sow the seeds of reading comprehension
  • Creative Play Opportunities – Enter the world of make-believe as your child’s imagination is unleashed

Take a peek at our videos to see some of the music we use in Chirp!

We have several groups that run weekly throughout the city. Families are welcome to come to any location we offer. Our Class Passes give families the flexibility to attend when their schedule allows.
Some of our individual clients have more than one session per week in order to support reaching developmental goals.

Visit our Calendar to find your local Chirp group!

Yes! Our Chirp! Music Therapists provide individual and group services for children with special needs. Music Therapy has been shown to be effective in improving:

  • Communication
  • SkillsSocial Skills
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Impulse Control
  • Self Regulation and more!

Contact us here for more information!

Yes! Chirp! can be a part of your unique home, preschool or childcare environment. We also offer special events services and education opportunities.

Contact us here for more information!

Every person is a musical being regardless of experience or ability! At Chirp! all we ask is that you come with an open mind and a willingness to jump in at your comfort level. Soon, you might find it hard not to sing, play, and move along!
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